Photographer, Jamie DobsonJamie is a keen photographer based near Bradford and Leeds in West Yorkshire, England.

When not at his ‘day-job’, Jamie loves to capture everyday scenes in a creative way with his diverse style of photography.

His image making is driven by the desire to capture a moment, a mood and what many may see as the mundane: mainly everyday folk doing everyday things or the symmetry and contrast of what life throws at him.

For him, photography is a very personal art and one that is still developing and aligning itself with his personality.

In his own words…

I’ve dabbled in photography on and off since my late teens in the 1980’s when I owned an Olympus OM-10 35mm film camera. However, my interest waned as processing costs mounted and my attention was diverted away towards other distractions, namely; the fairer sex and beer! Then, after a number of years in the wilderness without picking up anything more sophisticated than a point-and-shoot on holiday, my interest was rekindled once again as digital became more popular in the early noughties when I bought a Fujifilm bridge camera. Eventually I moved onto DSLRs in 2012 after a pro-photographer friend lent me his old Nikon D2.

Ever since then I’ve been hooked once again, and not being limited by the costs of film processing this time; I’ve found myself approaching the art with a renewed vigour. As time has gone on, I’ve acquired my own gear and today I still shoot with Nikon DSLRs coupled with a Fujifilm XE-2 compact mirror-less. Processing is mainly done in Adobe Lightroom with occasional tweaks in Photoshop.

Jamie is open to professional commissions as he has done in the past as he sees it as a way of widening his experience, gaining appreciation of his work and generating cash which is then used to fund more kit (which isn’t cheap!).

Business or family events, staff head-shots or publicity shoots are right up his street with past clients including Bradford Council and Yorkshire Water as well as many SMES and charities across the North of England.

For more information on Jamie’s work, to discuss work opportunities, or simply just to say hello; please get in touch with him and check out more of his work on Instagram and Flickr.